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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Jul 5, 2008 1:59am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: wow, is this what non heads think of the dead?

This critic JA is not totally off track, his capsule reviews leave a lot of tracks out of the analysis, so at best it's meant to be a guide for blips,
not scholars who spent time on every track from the 1st GD LP to whenever their piggy bank ran low on pennies.

I mean, he's trying to be fair though he can't shake off the inside or outside camp conclusions...
he's only interesting and less irritating when his opinions are truly his own and not a nod to the imagined readers of his critiques.

Neither "side" will bring him home to stay.

He needs to do a lot more homework or plan on writing generic tho semi-pro reviews for a free weekly owned by a arbitron-style grab that rack in city X with all the shoe-fits house style that does in depth puff poieces with any real conviction, such as the SF Weekly - which came to town, lowered it's ad rates to sink the Bay Guardian, the other weekly, home-grown
(since '66) and more centrist ass-kissing yet useful bully who were never more than a paper tiger going after the giant newspaper monopoly that merged then tried for years to kill each other off
(SF Chronicle came out bloodied circulatoion wise but didn't sink to the SF Examiner associated press cut and paste 20 page throwaway that never quite gets anything right.

Yeah, this dead boy could take his portfolio to the SF Examiner and write informed sounding bias that they wrap their ads with.

Window dressing and opinions masking as news is standard at Ex.
So little in-depth Examining and so few facts to offer, the tepid gossip is a minor plus of the former Hearst monarch of the dailies for SF.

I mean to say, in all fairness, that this JA guy could make the SF Examiner a little more interesting flyer before he develops the faculties required to write serious blog based on facts, man (oh, yeah, you know, they make you double check those at the State University Journalism dept.; something J.A. breezed through at the Junior College evening classes he passed with flying colors.

It's a bit tougher and more challenging at The Onion (who feature serious capsule reviews and style lists.
The Onion might hire him if he sharpens his pencils and suffers for his fluffers, where's the beef brother buzz?

Ya can't just take on the ouvre of the fucking Grateful Dead and say nothing of The Eleven on Live Dead other than the songs are at least 6 minutes long as if that were trying to his attention span.

What's he gonna tackle next, the films of Alfred Hitchcock?
Or the complete guide to Film Noir might be one to throw darts at.
Try doing The Rolling Stones or The KInks, that'll piss a few fans off.
Careful with that dull axe, Eugene.
Maybe he thought the Dead heads wouldget slightly perturbed but maybe he also thought, why not, they don't care about the actual studio or even live albums with all those cassete tapes they play, right.
Easy peazy.
on his capsules and gets better.

The New Yorker, Arthur, Ugly Things, Mojo and Rolling Stone are way above his current faculties.

Stick with the web patge for a while, until Mom starts asking for rent.

Then get a job...
with the Examiner, hope that helps,

Now go back JA and listen a little more to the music, and clear your cache files and dump the bookmarks to the cutesy blogs.

I should talk, but hey.